Frozen Tomato Tapenard Mary

Take Tomato Tapenade, add vodka and Worcester sauce to taste and any other spice you like, blend together and put in an ice cream maker, once frozen serve in a Chinese style ceramic spoon, with a shaving of parmesan cheese and a fresh basil leaf.

The Ultimate Tomato soup

Serves 4
1 kilo of fresh tomatoes
2 large onions
Large handful of Fresh Basil
½ jar Tomato Tepanard
40-gram Unsalted Butter

Chop the onions, tomatoes and basil. Sauté in Olive oil until soft and pour in to a blender add ½ jar of Tomato Tapenade and blend, once blended add the butter. Serve with a generous dollop of sour cream.

Cheese on Toast with Tapenade

Basic but very yummy!
Take Tomato Tapenade and cover toast and then add cheese of your choice put under grill until golden brown.
Serve with a splash of Worcester sauce!!

Tomato Tapenade with Meatballs

I normally use beef for my meatballs, but this works with any mince.
Take the mince and make in to small balls, gently fry in a small amount of butter and then add finely chopped Tomato Tapenade to the pan until hot.
Serve with pasta, potato or rice.

Walnut bread with Cream Cheese & Tomato Tapenade

Take walnut bread and place a metal ring half fill with Tomato Tapenade cover with cream cheese, and then cove the cheese with lightly toasted sesame seeds. Serve with salad and a reduction of balsamic vinegar.

Prawns with Tomato Tapenade

Finely chop the Tomato Tapenade add finely grated fresh horseradish and serve with fresh cooked prawns.

Remember I am also good as a sauce on burgers (once you have had it on a burger you will never want ketchup again!!) 

I have also been used as a sauce on fillet of beef and as a condiment with roast pork knuckle, and if all you are looking for is a quick snack I am great just spread on a bit of bread with a chunk of cheese, you can even forget the bread!!!

I know I keep on going on about how good I am but I have been made with a lot of care and thought and as such a spoonful or 3 in a bolognaise, Chilli con Carne, or as a sauce on pasta!!   

I am only limited for uses by your imagination. Enjoy!